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Satan and Eve

Eve was beguiled and seduced by Satan. He was so close to being human that his seed could, and did mingle with that of the woman and cause her to conceive.

Satan and EveA sculpture depicting the torso of a woman in the act of “sin” with a snake entwined around her naked body. The torso when viewed at a certain angle, transforms into Satan’s face.

Size: 900 mm X 400 mm
Medium: Papier-mâché


In Greek mythology, Gaia from Ancient Greek, is a poetical form of “land” or “earth”). Gaia is the personification of the Earth and one of the Greek primordial deities. Gaia is the ancestral mother of all life: the primal Mother Earth goddess.

A sculpture rendered with Papier-mâché, depicts a sad and pensive expression to denote the sorry state of earth today caused by us humans due to the ongoing abuse of its resources.

Size: 500 mm X 300 mm
Medium: Papier-mâché

Jesus and Mary

A tribute to the moment when the three Marys (His mother Mary, and His mother’s sister, Mary of Clopas, and Mary Magdalene) were present at the crucifixion of Jesus and bringing supplies for his funeral. The moment when Jesus said – “Woman, behold, your son!” and “Behold, your mother!

Size: 800 mm X 400 mm
Medium: Papier-mâché