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some brief notes on what I usually dabble in

Website Development

websites that engage visitors with a user-friendly and interactive format to enable them to easily understand products or services. Web development at www.atauckland.nz is beyond just graphics, content and metrics. I specialise in providing a rewarding experience in CMS, databases, SEO, eCommerce, Analytics and much more.


Combining technology and incorporating innovations in the traditional paper pulp making process, Papier Mâché Murals, sculptures, artefacts and installations are designed and created to enhance any ambience - indoors or outdoors.

Spiritual Tantric Art

I have formulated Papier Mache canvases on which Authentic Spiritual Tantric Art is rendered. The paintings are one of a kind as it effectively brings out the ethereal and exotic aspects of this ancient meditative and ritualistic genre.


a few samples of works that I have completed or completing now...!

Satan and Eve

Papier mâché Sculpture


Papier mâché Sculpture

Jesus and Mary

Papier mâché Sculpture

Kali Yantra

Tantric Art

Shakti Yantra

Tantric Art

Sahasrara Chakra

Tantric Art

In the Media...

8 July 2014 - Western Leader, Auckland

Ajit Kumar Nair

About Ajit Kumar Nair

a little more about me... on the personal front...

  • Today

    "The reincarnation"

    Managing Director for AtAuckland Limited - Full-time stay-at-home Dad for two highly demanding kids, dabbling in Website Development, Sculptures, Paintings and also managing to rest - once in a while...

  • Ajit Kumar Nair

    December 2003 and March 2010

    "The Renaissance"

    Proud moments when I see two parts of me enter this world - My daughter Jarita Ajit Kumar Nair, born on 15 December 2003 and my son Ahum Ajit Kumar Nair, born on 01 March 2010. In the bargain, I got introduced to someone very interesting...who resided all the time within me and I was blissfully unaware...(yes... me! )

  • September 26 1967

    "The Genesis"

    On that day, the celestial longitude interval assigned was 180° to 210° and the ephemeris position of the Sun was at 02° 13'. I am told that there were 348999 other babies was born on that day. As per Chinese zodiac, my symbol is the Goat symbol and the element is the Yin Fire (that should explain my liking for mutton curries !

Ajit Kumar Nair

the thoughts within...

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I have always lived by the principle of "Tath Tvam Asi" (thou are that) - which essentially means that "what you seek is within you" - be it the zenith of contentment or the nadir of sadness.

Apart from Tantric paintings, I also create Papier Mache sculptures and Wall Murals - and have experimented extensively with dfferent media to produce stunning unique work.

I firmly believe that there should never be a need to explain a certain piece of art..."if you've created art it should speak for itself and whatever it says to the viewer - it's the right message. Each viewer takes something a little different from the same art"

Tantric Paintings, to put it very simply is not for the five known senses - or to put it in other words - instead of you looking at the tantric painting - allow the painting to look at you...if you can !!!

My paintings, sculptures and murals adorn the homes and office premises of private collectors and connoisseurs across the globe; in New Zealand, US, Dubai, India, Australia and Netherlands. I live in Auckland, New Zealand and produce art from my home based studio.

In a nutshell -

Naked...unclothed of scriptures...prancing with Satrys of Reason...I raze Temples of Sanction...and Fornicate at Brothels of Chastity...and unto the mirror...I see God !

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